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deviation in storage by CoeyKuhn
deviation in storage by CoeyKuhn


Stitchery Test 2 by nenuiel
Stitchery Test 2
A continuation of experimentation of how to visualize the 'powers' of the protagonist of my personal comic.

Masquerade 'stitchery' magic is derived from the fairy godmothers of fables and folklore. Making dresses appear out of thin air, spinning straw into gold, etc. To make her power manifest, she has to weave the stitchery. Each pattern has a different power. That's the feeling I'm trying to capture. I was really inspired by the 'string figures' and seeing how that can be used. It still needs work, I think, but an interesting start! Feedback and critiques are always appreciated.

Feel free to share, but please give credit. Thanks.

Masquerade and Stitchery copyright of Marissa Garner 2015.
Stitchery Test 1 by nenuiel
Stitchery Test 1
Just a quick sketch while a had I free moment and an idea! One problem I've had with my personal comic was how to visualize the protagonist's powers. I think this might be fun direction to go in, but it definitely needs exploration. This is just a first pass.

Critique and feedback is always appreciated!

Stitchery and Masquerade copyright of Marissa Garner 2015

Feel free to share but give credit where credit is due! Thanks. =D
Green Lantern Corp Stained Glass Window by nenuiel
Green Lantern Corp Stained Glass Window
So...I just realized I haven't done one of the my 'superhero stained glass' pieces in over a year. It is high time to amend that! This is one I've always had lurking in the back of my mind for a while. Honestly...I just wanted to draw Kilowog. Love that guy.

My goal next year is to do a lot more of these! *fist pump* Next on the list, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, JLA and (break from superheroes) Lord of the Rings. Mario possibly afterwards. ^_^

Critiques and comments are always appreciated!

Will be up for sale after the holidays on my etsy shop -…

Characters of the Green Lantern Corp Copyright of DC comics.
Dr. Strange by nenuiel
Dr. Strange
HOW COULD I NOT DRAW THIS TODAY?? I'm sorry, Dr. Strange is one of my all time favorite comic book characters, and I never dreamed they would make a film. And I am excited to see how Cumberbatch interprets this character to the large screen.

Quick painting sketch done in about 3 hours.

Dr. Strange copyright of Marvel.
08.26.14 by nenuiel
My weekly screencap exercise. This time I wanted to work more graphically. Very minimalistic use of values and detail. This is something I really struggle with and feel that I'm weak at. Must..have...too..many...details...

This time, the original screencap is from Return of the King. Watching the battle of Pelennor Fields, I found this exquisite shot as the Nazgul approaches the fallen Theoden.

Taking how they used positive and negative space, I did a concept illustration of Thuringwethil - the 'Woman of Shadows'. Messenger of Sauron. Traditionally, she wears a mantle that gives her a terrifying bat like shape- but I played a little bit more of the idea that it is a mantle of shadows, and how she fades within and manipulates it to her will.

Lord of the Rings copyright of Tolkein and Middle Earth Enterprises. Doodles copyright of me.


United States
Just a small bit of advice, don't ever try to ink on a train. It makes you motion sick.
Ok, I just went on a trip with time lord and suddenly I'm six months in the future.


...Seriously, where did the time go?? It seems like just yesterday I was leaving for California! Sorry for the lack of activity, pretty much all my artwork has been work oriented, and due to NDA's I can't show anything! =( I've been doing some sketches and other things, but nothing really worthwhile to post. But I will have a new stained glass window illustration soon.

Thank you everyone for all of your support in my absence! I can't believe I missed the getting 20,000 pageviews bench mark! Should have been around to do a kiriban for the person who was Mr. 20,000. Hopefully I can catch 25,000!

I WILL be getting more active again. I need to do more artwork outside of work and ya'll are going to hold me accountable.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas! :holly:


P.S. For those of you wondering my internship is absolutely amazing! Just got extended for another three months and blessed for it. You can do art for a living, so never be discouraged!
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